Ahmed Tamrawi is a software security researcher, instructor, and a full-stack developer. He has extensive experience in program analysis to: (1) verify the safety and security of industrial software such as the Linux kernel, and (2) detect novel and sophisticated algorithmic complexity and side channel attacks in Java applications and malware in Android applications. Ahmed also has experience working on two high profile US Department of Defense DARPA programs: Automated Program Analysis for Cybersecurity (APAC) and Space/Time Analysis for Cybersecurity (STAC) programs.

Ahmed Tamrawi is currently a research scientist at EnSoft Corp. and an assistant professor at Birzeit University. At EnSoft Corp., Ahmed is working on advancing Atlas and Modelify. Atlas is a novel program analysis platform and Modelify is a novel conversion tool from C code to Simulink models. His past work experience includes: assistant professor at Yarmouk University, a software development engineer intern at Amazon, a research and teaching assistant at Iowa State University, research and development engineer at G.ho.st, and software development engineer intern at MBRM

Ahmed holds a PhD and MSc degrees in Computer Engineering from Iowa State University, and B.S in Computer Engineering from Yarmouk University. His MSc research was focused on developing novel bug triaging and build code analyses. His PhD research resulted on the development of a novel compact software graph called the Projected Control Graph and the design of the L-SAP tool for fast, scalable, and efficient evidence-enabled verification for the Linux kernel.

Want to find more about Ahmed, then read through his Teaching Statement, Reasearch Statement, and Two-Page CV.